About The Competition

The HPC Advisory Council, a leading organization for high-performance computing research, outreach and education, announced that the HPC Advisory Council will organize The Fifth Student RDMA Programming Competition starting May 3, 2017.

It is designed for undergraduates to study RMDA and is also an excellent opportunity for RDMA programming experts to demonstrate their talents. The competition was first held in 2013 which attracted enrollment in more than 20 colleges and universities from across the country. In the last competition held in 2016 it attracted more than 70 colleges and universities to enroll and received wide attention from experts of international high performance computing, cloud computing and big data.

The results was announced at HPC Advisory Council China Workshop on October 18th .


1 Special Prize: 50,000CNY , Certificate of Merit
2 First Prize: 30,000 CNY for each,  Certificate of Merit
2 Second Prize: 10,000 CNY for each,  Certificate of Merit
4 Third Prize: 5,000CNY for each,  Certificate of Merit


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