About  MXNET
MXNet is developed by collaborators from multiple universities and companies. We sincerely thank the following organizations for supporting MXNet and sponsoring its major developers (alphabetical order).

The official website for MXNET is: http://mxnet.io/
How to Install MXNet :http://mxnet.io/get_started/install.html

KVStore API is a tool to sync and provide operation over multiple devices (GPUs) on a single device.
Details: http://mxnet.io/api/perl/kvstore.html?highlight=kvstore

MXNet Architecture
Building a high-performance deep learning library requires many systems-level design decisions. In this design note, we share the rationale for the specific choices made when designing MXNet.

We imagine that these insights may be useful to both deep learning practitioners and builders of other deep learning systems.

Deep Learning System Design Concepts
The following pages address general design concepts for deep learning systems. Mainly, they focus on the following 3 areas: abstraction, optimization, and trade-offs between efficiency and flexibility.

Additionally, we provide an overview of the complete MXNet system.