Barcelona Supercomputing Center - Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC) - in collaboration with the HPC Advisory Council invite you to historic Santiago de Compostela to explore major contributions advancing research and development across Spain and throughout the world.

This year draws us to the Institute of Agrobiological Research – on the university’s south campus. This unique locale, also home to Supercomputing Center of Galicia (CESGA), is a purposeful destination to encourage interactive exchanges and meaningful experiences for all.

Register today! Each packed agenda features luminary keynotes, expert and sponsor led talks as well as an expert panel lineup.

Registration will be open until the 21st of September. The event is free of charge and includes the coffees and lunch.

Learn from sessions covering breakthroughs in research, industry insights, technical best practices and tutorials across a broad range of disciplines, topics and interests including:

  • Exascale Progress and Pursuits
  • Deep/Machine Learning and AI
  • Data Sciences… and much more

Submit session proposals through June 30th to share your expertise and experiences! Session deliverables will be due by August 11th. Final presentations will be due by September 18th.

Join the 6th annual conference, network with and learn from fellow HPC practitioners and R&D professionals and gain deeper insight on new development, emerging technologies, usage trends and essentials for pushing progress and driving our future potential.
We look forward to seeing you in Spain this September!



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