Competition Details

The 2019 RDMA competition mission is to: Demonstrate the use of RDMA for HPC applications in a container environment.

The teams can choose container solution which they would like to use for HPC applications – Dockers or Singularity

The teams will need to:

  • Explain why you choose Dockers or Singularity
  • Choose any 2 RDMA based HPC applications you would like to explore

Application options:

  • Demonstrate the use of RDMA running these 2 applications on your container based environment
  • Explore low level (MPI) and application performance, comparing container based environment to non-container based environment
  • Optimize the application performance in container environment with RDMA technology

Any RDMA related innovation will grant extra points.

The score system will be following:

Total, 100 scores

  • Successfully run 2 RDMA HPC applications in non-container environment.    —  10%
  • Successfully run 2 HPC applications in selected container environment.   —  20%
  • Use RDMA to optimize 2 HPC applications in selected container environment. Detail RDMA optimization implementation.  — 40%
  • Interview(Presentation + Q & A).   — 30%
    1. Presentation  —  20%
    2. Q & A — 10%

RDMA related innovation in selected container environment(Extra points).   —  20 Scores