1. The Organizing committee will provide the training resource(only after you registered) .
  2. Topic: Demonstrate the use of RDMA for HPC applications in a container environment.
  3. The participant should submit the RDMA-based program (such as InfiniBand), the number of nodes and configuration of cluster should according to the condition of the university. The committee will provide the corresponding operation environment if the participant does not have RDMA environment.
  4. The participant should submit the transplantation source code and the executable files, and report the change of performance between the source one and the transformed one, and make the interpretation of the performance improvement. (English report)
  5. The committee will review the source code and reports, then arrange a webinar interview for all teams.
  6. The result of the competition will announced at Intelligent Computing Conference China (Nov. China ). Well-known foreign experts will attend and give out the award to winning teams.