The HPC Advisory Council is also a community effort support center for HPC end-users, providing the following capabilities:

HPC Advisory Council Technical Content


The HPC Advisory Council supports a variety of end-user and OEM-based conferences throughout the year, regularly submits multi-vendor technical presentations for end-user audiences, and provides technical support for demonstrations.

Best Practices

The HPC Advisory Council provides best practices, that through experience and research, have shown to improve clustering and applications productivity. The HPC Advisory Council is encouraging HPC users to provide their feedback and suggest other application or HPC areas as candidates for future best practices.

Case Studies

The HPC Advisory Council provides opportunities for its members to collaborate on various HPC initiatives that showcase real-world multi-vendor product demonstrations, education and outreach, and more. The HPC Advisory Council is encouraging members and HPC users to suggest other potential candidates for future case studies.

Market Data

The HPC Advisory Council provides market and revenue data, and results from end-users studies. This information provides a deep insight and perspective around the dynamics of the current and emerging HPC market segments, market trends and influences that effect customer behavior and technology adoption.

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