The HPC Advisory Council is also a community effort support center for HPC end-users, providing the following capabilities:

HPC|FSI Subgroup

High performance computing capabilities equate directly to competitive advantage in certain areas of the financial services industry. The demand for ever increasing performance, lower latency, and more complex calculations coupled with increasing volumes drives a continuous effort in the industry to leverage emerging technology. Changes in financial services that are happening in milliseconds can affect companies bottom line. The usage of high-performance computing components can help companies to make faster and better decisions, to simulate market behavior and to serve their customers in a better way.

The primary challenges in financials service are:

  • Low-latency requirements
  • High message rate and throughput requirements
  • Predictability; avoiding jitter and spikes
  • Building large computing system in a cost-effective manner

The HPC|FSI subgroup mission is to explore and provide best pratcies for the most efficienct usage of current and future high-performance computing solution for financial services.